8630 Members | 0 Auctions
8630 Members | 0 Auctions

Quick Start Guide

Buyer's Premium

A 10% buyer's premium applies to all auctions. Premium will be added automatically to all invoices.

Proxy Bidding

Proxy bidding makes bidding easier and less time-consuming for buyers. Place your maximum bid and our automated system will automatically place a bid on your behalf for the lowest amount possible up to your maximum bid using an increment bidding system. This allows you to remain the highest bidder for the auction while you are not logged in. Your proxy bid is confidential.


Our “anti-sniping” feature helps protect our users from other buyers placing a slightly higher bid moments before an auction ends, thus winning the item. If a bid is placed within the last 3 minutes of an auction, the listing’s end time is automatically extended by another 3 minutes to allow you to increase your bid. To ensure that you do not miss an item, refresh the item's page within the last 3 minutes to determine whether you are still the highest bidder.


We accept Cash, Debit, Visa or MasterCard.


Pick-up is by appointment only. Contact us at info@777auction.ca to schedule a pickup.

Other Questions & Feedback

If you have any other questions or concerns, or would like to provide us with some constructive feedback, feel free to contact us.